Cycling Accidents

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O’Reilly Stewart Solicitors has an experienced Personal Injury Litigation Team.  We successfully recover compensation for cyclists involved in accidents on the road. Your case will be handled by a solicitor in our specialist team, many of whom are cycling enthusiasts themselves.

We can recover compensation not only for injuries that you sustain in the accident but we will also seek to recover the cost of repairs to your bicycle and other cycling equipment, which will enable you to get back on your bike as quickly as possible.

In our experience, most cycling accidents are caused by negligent car drivers. Obtaining early legal advice from our specialist team of solicitors is vital to your case. Upon receipt of instructions, we will explain, at no cost to you, how all issues relating to the accident will be resolved.  In particular we will:

  • Liaise with all Insurance Companies & PSNI
  • Assist with Bike damage & outlay recovery
  • Arrange Accident Reconstruction
  • Recover compensation
  • Recover Loss of Earnings

If you have been involved in a cycling accident and would like advice from a solicitor in Northern Ireland, please contact O’ Reilly Stewart solicitors on 90321000 

For further information and advice please contact our experienced legal team through or James Stewart.

Call or James now on +44 (0)28 9032 1000